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Author Adam Houge is giving away some of his best titles FREE, for today (1/7/2016) only! So please hurry and grab your copy. If you have any friends, family, or anyone else you can think of who will benefit from these, please feel free to share this link with them.

God Bless!

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1. Pray the Scriptures from Your Heart!

Pray the Scriptures from Your Heart!

There is nothing more powerful or life-changing than the word of God. By His word He made all things, and through it He created life. When His words enter your heart, He has promised that they will not return to Him void. They will go forth and prosper your soul in the fruit of God.

2. Under the Shadow of the Almighty

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

God is always speaking to you –to love you, guide you, and change your life. But are you willing to let Him?

Author and Preacher Adam Houge set out on a journey to know the Lord’s voice more intimately. While in the secret place the Lord spoke soft but powerful words which forever transformed his life.

3. How To Hear The Voice Of God And Understand It

How To Hear The Voice Of God And Understand It

“I started reading this book and could not put it down. Well written, a great read that explains the process that needs to take place in order to connect with the heavenly father on a daily basis. It’s definitely an ongoing endeavor on the part of the reader but He is always there waiting. We just need to listen more. Thank you, Adam, for all your works. They are wonderful. Many typos appear in the publication but do not let that affect its message.” Darren

4. How to Understand The Will Of God For Your Life

How to Understand the Will of God for Your Life

“A great read! Adam made me realize a lot of things about God’s ways of helping us get through life, knowing that He is always there for us, no matter what, as long as we believe in Him. A few of my questions have been answered in this book. I am closer to God now that I have read this. Well actually, I was listening to it being read to me by the Kindle Fire voice. I know what God wants of me now, and I will do whatever He tells me to do. I know God always wants the best for me and my loved ones. Adam has helped me in interpreting what the Bible has mentioned, but in terms that I am finally understanding. I wish I had the money to have all of Adams books, so I could understand the Bible much better. I suggest that everyone should read all of Adams books. They are excellent!” Cindy

5. If You Change Your Words It Will Transform Your Life

If You Change Your Words It Will Transform Your Life

It’s incredible to think that your entire life can change just by changing how you talk. But your words reflect your thoughts and who you are inside. By changing your words it forces you to change what’s underneath it all. It forces you to think and act differently changing your relationships, your walk with God, and everything you are.

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